How to Choose a Good Brand of Stage Lighting Equipment Manufacturer

More and more manufacturers of stage lighting equipment are rising, which is our question - do those companies really have quality assurance? What can it bring to us? In the context of a hundred schools of thought contention, how should we choose a good stage lighting brand?

Foshan Kezun Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. It is a comprehensive lighting group enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and engineering services. Its main products are: Beam Light, Par Light, Moving Head Lights, Effect Light, Special Effect Equipmemt, Laser Light, Logo Projector, DMX Controller.

Quality + Professional + Innovation + Cost Performance

Kezun Stage Lighting --- Dancing Light Efficiency Solution Expert beside you!

Kezun is a professional stage lighting product research and development, production, sales, dance design, installation and commissioning as one of the omni-directional service manufacturers, with high-quality products, professional after-sales service system to solve customer worries! Products cover entertainment bars, KTV, high-end large-scale banquet hotels, multi-functional hall of government and enterprise, wide range. The design and installation of broadcasting and television stations, outdoor large-scale entertainment activities and outdoor lighting projects cover a wide range of areas.

The Way of Factory Development:

Kezun takes the development of competitive factories as the core, driven by technological innovation and production line management, and based on good quality, continuously develops new products for the company's old customers and new customers, making the factory bigger and stronger, and supplying better stage lamps and lanterns for global customers.


Kezun has an independent R&D center, which carries out innovative R&D on the premise of pursuing practical and stable functions of products. At the same time, it does not blindly copy the shape, breaks the mould, and achieves distinctive and attractive features.


Kezun has always adhered to the line of high quality raw materials, adhered to imported brand accessories, independent mold opening, skilled assembly line workers, professional lighting regulators, strict quality inspection personnel to create first-class quality stage lamps and lanterns. All products have international environmental standards CE & RoHs certificate, strictly implement the ISO 9001 quality management system certification. In addition, we have obtained many patents, certificates of qualification and brand honor for the first-class stage lighting construction contract.

Service advantages:

Kezun sells not only products, but also a multi-dimensional service. Kezun is committed to helping customers solve the problems encountered in the lighting industry, providing professional product supporting services, engineering order services, door-to-door installation services, regular maintenance services, new product development services and telephone technology guidance services, etc. All the problems encountered or may be encountered, Kezun will help customers find solutions. Customer satisfaction is our greatest satisfaction.

Global supply:

Kezun is a global business enterprise with product market covering many countries in the world. In the domestic market, there are more than 100,000 units and businesses serving Kezun. Products are widely used in bars and entertainment venues, Hotel auditorium multi-functional banquet halls, commercial stage performances and outdoor lighting engineering and other fields.