High-power beam light occupies a very important leading position in stage lights and lanterns. It plays an irreplaceable role in the effect of stage lighting. But the quality of beam light of many manufacturers is really worrying, mainly in the purchase of inferior raw materials, and the production link has not controlled the quality well.

Kezun 440W high-power beam light, let the stage lights explode the whole scenehigh-power beam light

For Kezun brand, today I have to introduce a 440W beam light. Its appearance has convinced many other stage lighting manufacturers. It is the first-class level in terms of design source and quality effect. It confirms Kezun's classic work as a global stage lighting expert again. It can make stage lamp. Light-burning and explosive all over the hall!

In terms of lighting brightness, we use full power and imported chip light source, which fully guarantees the texture of the lamp, and has rich color. Under the role of linear focusing, the light beam of the lamp is accurate, crisp and full of light sensitivity.

Many people may not understand why Kezun's beam light can achieve this effect because we never compromise on quality and never use cheap raw materials and equipment. Our beam light uses optical lens system as soon as possible, German imported bulbs and high quality three-phase motor, so as to ensure the performance of the beam light "fast, accurate and beautiful".

Looking at the essence through the phenomenon, the production technology of Kezun's beam light has been refined repeatedly by R&D department. It has very fine production technology, which ensures the stability of the whole lamp. All this depends on Kezun's immersion in this stage lighting industry for more than ten years.

Over the years, Kezun's beam lights have been used in many stage lighting projects, such as bar and entertainment places, multi-functional banquet halls in Hotel auditoriums, commercial stage performances and outdoor lighting projects, and are very popular with customers.

If you want to know more details about this 440W beam light, you can consult us at any time, or you can know more about our products in the center of our products.