Beam light factory for stage lighting.

How to choose a good beam light in the stage lighting

The people who truly understand the stage lighting are not only simple to be bright or active, but also to show the effect of the stage lighting 100%.

Beam lights are different from traditional computer lights. Therefore, in addition to the selection of manufacturers, there are three aspects to be considered for the selection of beam lights in stage lamps:

1, the light should be bright, this is the basic premise. The brightness of the light is related to two factors, one is the light source. The second is lens coating. The beam light must be white and bright, and the color light is bright.

2, the speed should be fast, the positioning must be accurate. This is another difference between a beam light and a conventional computer light. In the initial stage of development, the good beam lamp is synchronized with the software and the motor. It has its own design patent, which can ensure the clean operation of the lamp, and achieve fast speed, simple brake and accurate positioning. Therefore, when we choose stage lighting, we need to let the manufacturer provide video data to see if the operation and speed of the single lamp are clean and clean. If there is no clean and responsive, the lamp will not be called the beam lamp. It does not bring you a refreshing burst effect.

3, the performance of the whole machine should be stable, this depends on the internal configuration and production process of the lamps. Look at what wire is used, good lamps will use iron hibiscus wire, anti-corrosion and anti-wear. In addition, a good motor must be very well matched with the software of the luminaire, and a simple assembly cannot achieve the desired effect. The above is an example of the internal diagram of the beam lamp of the brand stage lighting manufacturer.