The difference between beam light and LED Moving Head Stage Lights

LED Moving Head Stage Lights: The key of the beam light is the beam effect, while the computer Moving Head light is only the beam effect. But in smaller occasions, the most important thing is the position of the occasion. If the composition is more accounting, I suggest that the beam lights can be used relatively well.

First, the light sources of the two kinds of lamps are different, and the application occasions are different. The beam lights is a metal halide lamp and the pattern lamp is a discharge lamp. The metal halide lamp selected for beam lights has a very high light efficiency because of its small beam angle. Even if the power is not very high, it can get a very bright column. Because the pattern lamp is illuminating conical light, the spreading area is much larger than the beam lights. For example, if a pattern lamp can illuminate an adult, then a beam lights can not illuminate a child. As a result, more occasions are used for more explosive scenes, such as opening shows and close-ups of vigorous singing and dancing hours, with strobe, to make a passionate visual impact. And the pattern lamp is more about the art of displaying gentleness and intellectuality, indulging in the soft song and dance, through different colors and patterns, constituting a soft and gorgeous scenery, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere.

2. The most important thing of the beam lights is the light column, each bright light column is the pursuit of the beam lights; the Moving Head Stage Lights, should be said to be the pattern lamp of the discharge lamp, the final result is the white spot and pattern. The intentions of the two lamps are different, so the place of application will change obviously.

3. Because of the difference of light efficiency, the original distance used by the two kinds of lamps is also very different. The distance used by the beam light should be 10 meters away, while the range used by the pattern lamp should be 6 meters. When the beam lights is illuminated at close range, it will form a feeling of dizziness. The light is too bright. The pattern light of the discharge bulb will not feel like this. So, think about it carefully, if in a bar only three to five meters high, the searchlight just above the guests turns around like a beam lights, and the irradiated guests are dizzy, how many people can bear it? On this occasion, choosing the pattern lamp is a rational choice. It can present the beam and pattern, form an excellent atmosphere, and do not illuminate the guests. On the contrary, in the lobby, the beam angle of the pattern lamp makes the light column dark and can not achieve the desired effect. In this occasion, we should choose the beam lights. So the choice of beam lights and pattern lamp should also be based on the use of the interval and effect of the selection, otherwise the opposite, otherwise, do not work well.

Therefore, we suggest that the users should not blindly follow the trend and use a lot of funds to achieve no effect, or even to show a reaction, according to most of the occasions and intentions used.