Moving Head Beam light for stage lighting, professional OEM service

Many China stage lighting company  are interested in overseas Moving Head Beam light markets, but those stage lighting manufacturers are not good at quality and price. Kezun has provided strong R&D and production support for export trade. It also provides professional services for OEM.

Beam lights oem stage lighting company

Beam light

Kezun's products line covers beam lights, par lights, Led moving head light, laser lamp, tracer lamp,  stage special effects equipment and other lighting equipment. Kezun's stage lights are used in many outdoor lighting projects, cultural stage, theatre, dining bar, wedding stage, studio, bar KTV and other places in China. Equipment. Over the years, Kezun's products have won CE, RoHS, ISO 9001 and a number of patents and other quality certificates and innovative honors. In addition, Kezun has three major engineering design and construction certificates, namely, lighting, stage machinery and audio.

Moving Head Beam light

In the field of stage lighting and equipment, Kezun has been committed to value creation, with more than 1300 national partners around the world in a sincere and professional cooperative attitude, to work together for stage lighting. In order to meet the new opportunities in the future and continue to dig deep into the market, we are now recruiting strategic partners globally. Whether you are an engineering company, you need to find a reliable professional and powerful factory to cooperate for a long time, or a company or an individual who is optimistic about the lighting engineering industry can work together with us to develop.