PALM EXPO INDIA 2019 was successfully held at the Bombay Exhibition Center from May 30th to June 1st. The annual PALM EXPO is one of the largest and most professional industry event in India and even South Asia. It is a well-known and influential stage equipment industry exhibition and a very important platform to develop Indian market. As a high-end manufacturer and industry leader in stage light, Kezun would not miss this great opportunity.

Exhibitors exceeded 300,with more than 5000 product categories, and amount of audience was up to 31,000. For better  development of Kezun brand in the Indian market, we have exhibited a variety of hot products, including stage laser lights, beam lights, moving head lights, par lights, etc., to show the latest product development results to foreign customers with a shiny appearance. And the company's style, and the stunning stage lighting show stood out among the many exhibitors.

As a stage lighting manufacturer with 16 years of experience, Kezun has always maintained a solid foundation for the future development and trade export with high-quality products and comprehensive services.

After years of market development, Kezun's products have won a certain reputation in South Asian market, and have accumulated a large number of customer resources. This exhibition provides a good opportunity and platform for our brand expansion in the Indian market, helping us to better our products. The success of this exhibition means that Kezun's development in the South Asian market has entered a new stage. Through a closer communication with customers, and a more accurate grasp of customer needs, we are convinced that Kezun will have a greater breakthrough in the South Asian market in the near future.