KZ-Pro dual screen controller


Original:FoShan, China

MOQ:1 piece

Payment:T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union,money gram

Delivery:7-10 Working Day

Certificate:CE, ROHS, ISO 9001


Warranty:12 months

Package:Carton Box

  • Specification

    1. Display: High-brightness IPS display.

    2. Touch screen: High-precision, high-sensitivity 10-point capacitive touch screen.

    3. Playback control: 22 touch-sensitive playback faders + 22 independent playback buttons + 1 playback window + 2 master control faders + 1 group of AB faders

    4. Centralized control wheels: 4 high-lifetime optical encoder central control wheels

    5. Light position: 4800 light positions, up to 4800 lamps can be stored and controlled

    6. Advanced functions: network online work, graphic sound and light synchronization, graphic effects, pixel mapping, key frame graphics, self-drawing graphics, super windows, super light library,

       Super RDM, Super List, One Click Freeze, APP Mobile Control, Internet Upgrade

    7. Product size: 980 * 560 * 640mm (screen expanded) 980 * 560 * 170mm (screen closed)

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