KZ-2048 Tiger Touch Console


Original:FoShan, China

MOQ:1 piece

Payment:T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union,money gram

Delivery:7-10 Working Day

Certificate:CE, ROHS, ISO 9001


Warranty:12 months

Package:Carton Box

  • Specification

    Brand: KEZUN

    Name Tiger Touch DMX 2048 controller Body Material Plastic+Alloy

    Storage 60G hard drive, 2G memory Product Size 660* 450*170mm

    Channel 2048CH Power Rating AC100-240V 50/60Hz

    Type Manual Switch, Remote Control Application KTV Bar, Weddings, Performances


    。Powerful Tiger Console Operating Systems

    。Dual-core processor, 60G solid state hard drive, 2G memory

    。Support Chinese menu display, and the built-in multi-lingual

    。It built a 15.4-inch touch screen. A touch screen and can be extended

    。4/8 DMX output ports, 2048 DMX channels

    。Support Artnet, expandable to 12 DMX output, 6144 channels

    。10 macro keys, you can edit any program

    。20 playback faders support 1000 virtual replay

    。Powerful features CMY color palette.

    。Graffiti handwriting naming feature support

    。Support CITP protocol, or the server can preview digital lighting built material

    。Built-in database of thousands of lights, and built-in light library editing software

    。Built Visualiser visualization stage simulation software, video

    。Provide MIDI Time Code Control

    。Built-pixel mapping and built-in pattern generator

    。Built-in UPS power supply, power supply can be 15 minutes or so, to prevent a sudden power loss or system damage Program

    。Powerful Titan system before and classic pearl systematic comparison Titan system more humane, each feature finer, richer extend to you on the lights operate more freely;

      on the classic pearl retention operation style and layout, increase fine selected features, removing some of the less commonly used and not used for the operation.

      After the console upgrade, let gaffer pearl station in operation on the basis of running quickly.                                        

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