KZ-25 pcs moving head Matrix Light


Original:FoShan, China

MOQ:1 piece

Payment:T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union,money gram

Delivery:7-10 Working Day

Certificate:CE, ROHS, ISO 9001


Warranty:12 months

Package:Carton Box

  • Specification

    1. Operating voltage: AC 90cV-250V 50-60Hz 3.5A

    2. Power consumption: 350W 3.5A

    3. Light source: the United States Corey lamp beads, RGBW 12W (each lamp can be a single control)

    4. Channel signal: DMX512 interface, 20 channels

    5. Color: RGBW Promise color

    6. Pattern: 32 dynamic patterns, 45 fixed patterns (including Arabic numerals, capital letters)

    7. Strobe: 0-15 / sec, adjustable (electronic strobe)

    8. Dimming: 0% -100% linear dimming (electronic dimming)

    9. X axis: 580 degrees, 8bit / 16bit adjustable, electronic error correction

    10. Y-axis: 270 degrees, 8bit / 16bit adjustable, electronic error correction

    11. Protection: all intelligent temperature overheating protection and anti-jamming electronic circuits, intelligent cooling.

    12. Gross Weight: 23Kg

    13. Packing size: 58x43.5x62.5cm

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