KZ-260 Beam Light


Original:FoShan, China

MOQ:1 piece

Payment:T/T,L/C,Paypal,Western Union,money gram

Delivery:7-10 Working Day

Certificate:CE, ROHS, ISO 9001


Warranty:12 months

Package:Carton Box

  • Specification

    1,Voltage:90-240V, 50HZ/60HZ

    2,Light source:JAPAN phoenix 260W

    3,Total power: 400W

    4,Control channel: 16/24ch

    5,Bulb model: philips 15R, luminous flux: 56000lm, color temperature up to 8500K

    6,Color temperature: 5600-8000 k

    7,Function: one color disc: 14 color + white light, one 8,pattern wheel: 17 image + white light

    9,Interchangeable pattern plate, high speed swing effect, one atomization.

    10,A prism optional 16,A prism optional 16 + 8 of plum, 7 colour effect, stacks up to 11 prism effect, can be positive and negative direction of rotation,

    11,The prisms localization function.

    12,Dimming: 0-100 dimming

    13,Stroboflash: super fast stroboflash

    14,Display: LCD, bilingual operation system

    15,Optical device: assembled lens, zoom 0-3.9 degree, electron focus 20 meters

    16,Horizontal scanning: 540 degree (16bit precision scanning)

    Vertical scanning: 280 degrees (16bit precision scanning) with automatic return.

    17,Control mode:International standard DMX512 signal, 3 core DMX512 interface.

    18,IP Rating: IP20, overheating protection.

    19,Size:410 mm * 310 mm * 580 mm

    20,Package size:480 mm * 400 mm * 560 mm

    21,Net weight: 21 Kg gross weight: 23Kg

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